Nøgne Ø/Bridge Road India Saison


This Saison is a collaboration between Nøgne Ø out of Grimstad, Norway and Bridge Road Brewers out of Beechworth, Victoria, Australia. The India Saison is a blend of a traditional Belgian saison with new Australian hops. I must confess of never hearing of Bridge Road Brewers but Nøgne Ø is well known to me as Norways foremost experimental craft brewer.

A nice pseudo Saison style with a blend of tropical hops and peppery saison flavours. The pour is a cloudy, hazy golden yellow with a massive foamy white mess of a head. The nose is multi faceted with a pale ale esque tropical and fruity hop aroma and a traditional peppery and earthy saison backbone. Light toasted bready malts and honey sweetness are also noted in the aroma. The mid palate has a mild toasty bread malt with a hint of lemon zest and overly fruity notes. A mild bitterness pervades the flavour profile into the finish. Moderate spice flavours with pepper and coriander on the finish give a noted Saison style flavour. This beer has a very unique flavour and as an experimental beer this is a tasty blend of a pale ale and a saison.

Grade: 87/100
Price: $8.29


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