Howe Sound Super Jupiter Grapefruit IPA


Howe Sound Inn and Brewery is one of the most well known craft breweries in Western Canada. Located in Squamish, BC an hour north of Vancouver Howe Sound brews unique and tasty brews made with many local and odd ingredients. Super Jupiter is an American style IPA brewed with four types of Pacific NW hops.

Super Jupiter pours a bright golden orange with a massive fiamy beige head. The head is very sticky and leaves a few big blotches of foam on the glass. The first sniff has a rather potent pine and grapefruit heavy aroma. A mild toasted caramelized malt evident in the burgeoned orange appearance and mild sweetness. A mild flavour profile in the middle with a few sweet toasted malt notes and a hint of fresh squeezed grapefruits. The finish although potent with big grapefruit flavours and hop accents is rather subdued and mild. Overall this is an interesting beer that just falls a bit short of the line.

Grade: 80/100
Price: $9.89

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