Ninkasi Sleighr Dark Double Alt

It was truly a joyous occasion when Albertan’s were able to drop in to their local off-license store and purchase Ninkasi beer. Eugene, Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing has been near the top of my Christmas list for years. Ever since I first tried one of their brews on a trip to Southern California in 2010 I’ve yearned for more of their delicious brew. Sleighr Double Alt is one of the latest seasonal brews to hit Alberta shelves. At 7.2% this brew is an American twist on the classic Dusseldorf beer style. 

Pouring out a dark, nearly opaque brown with a thick creamy tan head that holds nicely. There is some minor carbonation in the body that keeps the head strong. The aroma is overly malty and grainy with light roasted notes, toasty barley and toffee aromas blended with nut and chocolate notes. A bit of a hop aroma is noticed among the throng of malts. A little bit sweet in the mid-palate with a syrupy toffee flavour that adds to the hazelnut flavour and floral hop notes.  A bit of vanilla peaks out with light earthy notes before the finish. The finish is slightly warm and boozy with an overall grainy profile and a moderate hop presence. A warming, cozy beer perfect for the cold nights in an armchair. I appreciate the unique take on a Christmas ale and as always, Ninkasi excelled with this brew.

Grade: 87/100