Granville Island Scottish Ale

I recently posted a blog review of Granville Island’s Imperial IPA one of several new beers in a limited release series of smaller batch brews from the Vancouver brewpub. Another big bottle in the “Limited Release” series is the Scottish Ale, a 6.5% ABV ale brewed in the fashion of a Wee Heavy. With the addition of peated malts, this Scottish Ale traditionally has a hint of smoke and dark earthen malts.

Pouring a dark burnished brown with burgundian highlights in the body and a light beige coloured head. The head albeit shortlived gives a few intriguing lacing rings to the glass. The initial aroma is a bit intense up front with noticeable roasted and peated malts and a slight smoky ash scent. An overall malty aroma lacks an overall balance with a big blend of robust dark malts. The flavour profile has mild sweetness with toffee malts and rich creamy pudding flavours. The peat and smoke is lacking in the flavour despite the mild presence in the aroma.  A bit of spritzy carbonation towards the finish with moderately hop bitterness rounds out the flavour rather well. A nice lightly smoked brew with rich malts throughout and a good balance. Overall, a nice solid brew.

Grade: 81/100       Price: $7.09


  1. mikescraftbeer · April 23, 2013

    Nice brew for sure. Not a brew pub though. They only have a tasting room currently

    • patrickthebeerguy · April 24, 2013

      Despite my bias against Granville beers, their big bottle series has been pretty solid thus far. The Imperial Stout and Irish Red were also rather well done

      • mikescraftbeer · April 24, 2013

        There is a big reason for this. Their 6 packs are brewed at the molson plant. The 650 series is brewed at the brewery on Granville Island and is crafted by Vern the brewmaster not molsons brewmaster

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