Green Flash Rayon Vert

522-1135Green Flash Brewing Company located in San Diego, California is a truly creative craft brewery that creates unique American and Belgian beer styles. The brewery’s name “Green Flash” is in reference to a natural phenomenon which occurs as the sun sets or rises and for a brief if not fleeting moment, the suns rays appear green. “Rayon vert” is a translation from French for Green Flash. Formed in 2002 by a married couple whose avid interest in craft beer resulted in the opening of a then small brewery. 

Rayon Vert in its most simple essence is a well hopped American style pale ale but with a twist. Brewed with a Belgian Ale yeast, and finished with brettanomyces gives Rayon Vert a unique quirkiness. 

Brettanoymces like Rayon Vert is a quirky oddity in its own regard is a non-spore form of yeast that grows on the skin of fruits in the wild. Upon fermentation, “brett” produces large amounts of acetic acid and add commonly off putting flavours such as funk and sourness to the beer. But to many craft beer enthusiasts, beers finished with “brett” are appreciated and encouraged. 

Rayon Vert pours a bright golden orange with a mild hazy appearance in the body. A fluffy pure white head sparkles atop the body with mild carbonation cascading upwards. A few solid lacing rings form around the glass making this brew look downright appetizing. An odd funky, well hopped aroma with light citrus and zesty esters with a bit of spices. Quite acetic and funky on the nose as well with a big lemony hop. The first sip is quite sweet with mellow toasty malts, mild caramel and a firm citrus hop base. Beautiful crisp flavour, floral and citrus esters with an impeding “brett” funk. The finish is rather sour and acetic with a big funk and barnyard flavour. The finish is quite strong but rather delightful with a intense crispness and a harsh funk that holds on far into the aftertaste. Regardless of the some of the more intense flavours, this remains a well balanced and drinkable brew, though perhaps not sessionable. Overall, an interesting and creative beer with an incredibly unique and almost bizarre flavour profile.
Grade: 88/100     Price: $11.99/4-pack


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