Category 12 Disruption Black IPA

This past week Alberta beer lovers have yet another BC brewer extending their distribution into our province. Victoria brewer Category 12 was founded by Michael Kuzyk who holds a PhD in microbiology and biochemistry from the University of Victoria. Disruption Black IPA is a 6.7% ale brewed with Simcoe, Cascade and Columbus hops that won Best American Black Ale at the Canadian Brewing Awards. In addition to the hop bill Disruption is malted with carafa and munich malts. 

Pouring out a dark and murky burgundian brown with an opaque body and light carbonation the head is standout with a fluffy, marshmallow esque consistency. Plenty of lacing rings form and the head itself sustains for quite some time. The appearance by first glance is that of a nicely roasted and well hopped brew. The nose is heavy with pine and citrus hops, lighter floral and spice notes with a trademark cascade overtone. The malt is more subtle and reserved on the nose but for a light cocoa and toffee malt. A nice aroma overall with the hops at the forefront. Taking my first sip a beautiful chocolate and nut accented roasted malt accompanies the caramel and toffee notes in the mid palate. The malt is heavy but doesn’t seem to occupy the profile too much with the hops making a similarly weighty appearance. Light pine needle and heavy grapefruit citrus notes fill the back end with light grassy and spiced hop notes more subtle. A common problem for me with this style is balance. Often Black IPA’s seem to tip the scale on either the roasted malt or the hop side. This is not the case here with both the malts and the hops showcasing well in a best of both worlds situation. The malts are up front and heavy without destroying the pine and citrus hops. The finish is bitter and lingers on heavily without acting cloying and taking away from the roasted malts. Overall a very good Black IPA that hopefully foreshadows the things to come from Category 12 Brewing.

Grade: 89/100 



  1. mikescraftbeer · November 11, 2015

    I am amazed that they are already in Alberta when their BC supply chain is just ramping up. Lucky you guys!

    • lauriepatricksmith · November 12, 2015

      Alberta beer drinkers have quickly gotten ravenous for BC craft beer. Especially with new liquor taxes that favour BC and Sask products

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