Dageraad Wet Hopped Blonde

2015-11-02 15.34.40

Along with the changing weather and shorter days falls heralds the release of fresh and wet hopped beers. For most hop heads these seasonal release beers are some of the most sought after and acclaimed brews. Burnaby BC’s Dageraad Brewing is a small artisinal company that produces Belgian inspired brews on Canada’s west coast. Named after Dageraadplaats a square in Antwerp that translates to Daybreak Square, Dageraad Brewing has quickly become one of my favourite Canadian brewers. Most of their beers have the yeast at the forefront of the flavour profile with the resulting esters showcasing the myriad of Belgian beer flavours. Since entering the Alberta market nearly a year ago Dageraad has released 5 beers including their flagship Blonde that this beer has been based off. 

Pouring into the glass there is a noticable effervescent spritz as the head forms into a dense and bulky pure white foam. Solid carbonation in the glass and as the head simmers a lot of lacing rings stick to the glass. The body is a hazy yellow straw with some larger yeast sediment floating around. At first glance this is a beautiful beer by appearance alone but lets dive into the aroma and flavour. The nose is heavy with citrus zest and light earthy notes, minor spice notes come through with a pinch of coriander and black pepper. A nicely done and well balanced aroma with lemon peel and a light grainy malt balancing well. The flavour is quite floral with light perfumy notes and a bunch of lemon zest, earthy straw and grainy malts balance the hops and yeast well. More spice in the flavour profile than the nose alluded too with light cardamom and nutmeg notes joining the pepper and coriander. The hops are lighter then expected but balance the profile well. The finish is creamy and mildly bitter with a lingering spice and lemon zest note. As the beer warms I notice more fruity notes of pear and apple, light banana and a an overall harmonious flavour. This is an example of where a wet hopped beer is made is good balance where as most offerings tilt the scale to the hoppy side. Overall, a very nice offering from Dageraad.

Grade: 87/100

© L. Patrick Smith III


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