Village Grandfather West Coast IPA


For their 1000th batch Calgary’s own Village Brewery decided to mark Father’s Day 2015 with a well hopped West Coast IPA. Named in reference to a past seasonal the Father, Grandfather is 7.2% ABV and boasts a sweltering 75 IBU’s. Eighteen different hop additions of Galena, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Simcoe hops were used during the brewing process of the limited run of 1500 bottles. Grandfather was released in collaboration with the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre’s Man Van which offer on the spot prostate cancer screening. The hop additions should impart upon grandfather a sizable amount of tropical and lush fruit notes, heavy pine resin and a heavy grapefruit influence.

Pouring out a bright golden orange with a light stream of carbonation and finger of sticky, dense head. Pure white lacing coats the glass as I sip. The aroma is lush, tropical and dank with heavy resin notes, light floral and spice notes. Heavy grapefruit and crisp citrus accompanies a myriad of tropical fruits; pineapple, mango, pear, stonefruit, cantaloupe. Taking in the first sip a moderate toasted sweet malt with light caramel notes and a bit of a bready flavour hits in the middle. The tropical fruits are lush, moderately sweet and juicy. Lush and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice hits towards the finish with a cascade of pine and resin smacking the palate. The finish is heavy with grapefruit astringency, dry bitter hops that linger into the aftertaste but are buffered by the sweet, tropical fruits. A good balance between the sweet and the bitter components adds more to the beer than just great flavour. 

Grade: 87/100


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