Maui Brewing Co. Lorenzini Double IPA

I’m off to Maui for a few weeks of the beach, sun and surf. In anticipation of my 16 days escaping the last drags of Canadian winter I picked up the newest Maui Brewing beer to cruise into Alberta. Big Swell IPA is held in high esteem as being a proper IPA with big tropical fruits and tangy citrus. The drunken uncle of Big Swell is the Lorenzini Double IPA named after the Ampullae of Lorenzini the electroreceptor cells in sharks that provide an extra sense to cartilaginous fish (ie. Sharks). Throwing all this mumbo jumbo aside this brew is brewed as a charitable collaboration with the Shark Research Program at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. Lorenzini DIPA is brewed to a moderate 7.6% ABV with the helping hands of Maui cane sugar, tangerine, blood orange and a hop bill that includes Azacca, El Dorado and Sorachi Ace.

The first pour is a dark ruby hued orange with a thick off white head that subsides eventually leaving a thin layer of bubbles. The aroma is citrus heavy with tons of fruit juice aromas including tangerine, orange and a tropical accent of pineapple. Nice hop profile on the aroma with light zesty and citrus aromas, spicy and mildly floral notes. A bit sweet up front with light crystal malts and caramel notes blending with the fruity components of the hops. Citrus abounds with heavy orange rind and zesty notes adding a zing to the flavour profile. The finish is mildly bitter with lingering notes of Sorachi Ace hops; lightly floral and an astringency throughout. A nice brew overall with a unique and heavy hop that adds both bitterness to the finish and a plethora of citrus and tropical fruit notes. The alcohol is a bit low for the style but adds a bit of weight to the proceedings. A very enjoyable brew.

Grade: 88/100


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