Stone Enjoy By 2-14-15

After hitting the shelves in the fall of 2014 Alberta has received a few seasonal and special release brews from the Escondido brewer. Enjoy By IPA is one of their most infamous brews as it is purposely built with a drink by date with the intention of showing the freshest possible flavour profile. The different iterations of Enjoy By going back to 2012 vary slightly. At 9.4% ABV I suppose 02-14-15 Enjoy By is going to be a extra well hopped fresh version of Ruination Imperial IPA. 

Pouring out a bright copper hued with bright flashes of orange and a thick fluffy head of puffy white. Tons of fresh hop lacing splotches mark the glass. The aroma is pungent and bursting with tons of floral hop notes. Caramel and toasted malts blend with lightly spicy hops and floral notes. Tons of beautiful grapefruit, citrus fruit and pine resin notes as well as lighter fruity notes. Lots of the typical Imperial IPA flavours in the profile with an extra fresh hop that exudes plenty of tropical fruits, resin notes and zesty citrus fruits. The body is heavy like a darker ale with boisterous resins and moderate astringent bitterness. A heavy and slick mouthfeel that enhances the flavour profile of the flavour profile. The alcohol on the finish is subtle with a bit of a lingering aftertaste of sticky resin. Enjoy By is a wonderfully complex and fresh IPA that proves to me that the concept for a beer not meant to last is the proper way to brew beer. 

Grade: 94/100

One comment

  1. mikescraftbeer · February 15, 2015

    I have had this before in the states but was excited to hear that this batch hit Vancouver. It’s to bad the Liquor Distribution branch here botched the launch of this beer. Having a date of 2-14-15 and being released to stores on 2-12-15 really don’t spell a good sell through. I did buy a bottle last night though and drank it and enjoyed it quite a bit!

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