Elysian Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout

With recent news of Seattle’s Elysian Brewing selling out to AB Inbev I thought a taste test of Elysian’s newest seasonal release was in order to ensure that it had not become weak urine flavoured beer. All kidding aside I’m sure Elysian had their reasons for taking the deal and I hope the company continues to operate in the same way it has for years. Split Shot is an Espresso Milk Stout brewed with Stumptown Espresso beans to an ABV of 5.6%. Split Shot is single hopped with Magnum to a mild but well balanced 28 IBU’s. 

Pouring out a entirely opaque black in the body a dauntingy thick mass of tan mocha coloured head looms on top. The aroma is heavy with espresso and coffee notes swirling richly with creamy lactose notes. Heavily roasted with dark chocolate, anise seed and vanilla beans aromas mixing in with the espresso and lactose notes. A rich and espresso heavy flavour with tons of roasted malts, complex coffee bean flavours with a mild fruity note. Mild vanilla in the front with dark chocolate and potent roasted notes. The finish is mildly bitter with a light dry astringency and a heavy espresso flavour. A fairly well balanced brew with a full body and a huge hit of espresso throughout. This is a great example of a unique style brewed to be both complex and well balanced. 

Grade: 85/100


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