Widmer Brother Barrel Aged Brrrbon ’12

Widmer Brothers origins date back to 1979 when homebrewing became legal in the state of Oregon. In 1984 Kurt and Rob Widmer quit their day jobs and opened the Widmers Brother Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. Widmer Bros. is one of the first craft brewers in a state chock full of great craft breweries. The Barrel Aged ’12 is an imperial version of Widmer’s Brrr Seasonal Ale that has been aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and additionally for a year in bottle. Brrrbon touts a heavy 9.5% ABV and 40 IBU’s with the addition of Alchemy, Simcoe and Cascade hops. 

The pour is a light amber colour with copper tones on the fringes. The head is soft and fizzy with a colour of off white. Tons of lacing rings are left on the glass as the head subsides. The aroma is rich with barrel aromas and wooden notes as well as mild fruity and hop notes. As the beer warms a bit I notice light floral and spicy hop notes along with apple and light citrus fruits. Light toffee and candied caramel malts in the middle lead with apple and fruity flavours. The finish is heavy and burdened with alcohol presence. A subtle flavour of vanilla pervades on the finish through the wood and barrel flavours. Slight bitterness subsides quickly leaving light sweetness and a mild astringent aftertaste. A good balance overall with a prominent alcohol flavour in the flavour profile. 

Grade: 84/100

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