No Li Brewhouse Winter Warmer

One of the newest American craft breweries to launch into Alberta is Spokane, Washington’s No-Li Brewhouse. The Winter Warmer is a 7.5% ABV American Strong Ale and is brewed as a seasonal specialty. No-Li was founded in 2012 and is passionate about using ingredients sourced from the inland Northwest. 

Opening up the bottle this Winter Warmer pours out a dark burgundy with a copper hue in the body. The head is full and creamy with a thick, frothy yellowish foam that dies slowly. Tons of lace coats the glass nearly 360 degrees. The aroma is hopped well with boisterous notes of grapefruit and floral hop notes. Aromas of caramel and light toasted toffee are also noted. A bit sweet with mild toffee and hazelnut notes that impart a bit of a richness to the profile. Nice floral and spicy hop notes with added grapefruit and citrus hops notes that balance well with the maltier aspects. Caramel and honeyed malts layer to the finish with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut. The finish has nice notes of spicy hop bitterness with loads of  pine resin and mild grapefruit. A great balance between malts and hops in this barley wine esque brew. When I think of a winter brew I usually foresee some sort of toffee malt based brew with unusual spices and fake vanilla extract notes. Being a unique self dubbed Inland NW Winter style brew I love the attempt at originality in a market filled with flavoured and spiced junk.

Grade: 87/100


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