Brewsters Brooding Soldier Tripel

Brewsters Brewing Company and Restaurant is a chain of brewpubs in Alberta and Saskatchewan  that has operated on a small scale for the past decade or so. Until recently their beer was only available on tap and in bottle with limited quantities on location. In November 2014 Brewsters released six of their flagship beers in 6 packs for distribution to Alberta off license retailers. Additionally, Brewsters released two of their seasonal brews Blue Monk Barley Wine and Brooding Soldier this past week. Brooding Soldier is a Belgian style tripel boasting 8.5% ABV. 

Brooding Soldier pours out a golden hued copper in the body with a thin, fizzy and dissipating head of off white. The aroma is noticeably pungent with alcohol aromas and light spiced notes. Notes of crisp fruits and citrus esters with light floral and spicy hops aromas blend well and fit well stylistically. The first sip is soft and a bit sweet with toasted malt notes, caramel and apple fruit notes. Towards the finish I note flavours of light citrus, coriander and honey. The finish itself is lightly bitter with a bit of hop spice notes and warm booze in the aftertaste. Overall, the yeast accents are subtle and dulled but beautiful fruity notes are accented well. This is a good attempt at a big, boisterous Belgian tripel but misses the point a bit. In general, I am happy to see Brewsters bottling their beer for sale at off license location but would like to see a bit more effort to create a brew that is more unique and original. 

Grade: 79/100


One comment

  1. mikescraftbeer · December 29, 2014

    Glad to hear they are expanding their bottled products. I once tried the Blue Monk through trade but it is my only experience with the brewery chain. It was good though.

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