New Belgium Lips of Faith Le Terroir 2014

Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery made a large splash onto the Alberta beer scene in early 2014 by releasing their range of flagships beers. Most well known for the Amber Ale Fat Tire, New Belgium has also earned a solid reputation in the craft community by making unique and risky beers like Le Terroir; a Dry Hopped Sour Ale with a booming 7.5% ABV. Sour Ales were originally brewed in Belgium but have recently experienced a renaissance in North America with many brewers creating the style for the thirsty masses. Le Terroir is one of the beers in New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series that are generally more unique and beer geek oriented.

Le Terroir pours a brigth golden brown with a thin effervescent white head. The head dies down instantly leaving no lacing on the glass. The aroma has definite sour and acetic notes with a refreshing fruitiness and minor hop and resin aromas. The middle has a sweet and toasty caramel malt with a funky earthen flavor that accompanies light citrus and tropical fruits. The finish has a moderate and tangy sourness and a pervasive funky flavor. In the finish and aftertaste survives the hops with a nice astringency and pine resin notes that although unusual for the style seem to work in this case. Le Terroir has a medium to full body and a lingering aftertaste of light bitterness sour notes. Overall, a very solid brew with a unique profile and a refreshingly balance flavour.

Grade: 92/100                                                                     Price: $17.79 CAD


One comment

  1. mikescraftbeer · November 25, 2014

    New Belgium Brewing makes some amazing beer. Their Lips Of Faith series is a gold standard in limited release beer. It’s been a year since I had this one. It may be time to go revisit an old friend.

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