Unibroue La Resolution

Unibroue is firmly implanted as one of Canada’s best breweries, a position they’ve held for over a decade. Although Unibroue was bought by Sapporo several years ago their attitude towards making unique and incredible Belgian style beers remains unchanged. La Resolution is Belgian Strong Ale brewed for the holiday season with a foreboding ABV of 10%. Over the past years of delving into the craft beer culture in Canada I have become acquainted with Unibroue beers and have come to notice a unique yeast aroma and flavor in their beers. Upon popping the cork that familiar house aroma instantly flutters out of the bottle.

Pouring out a muddy, dark brown that is completely opaque in the body with a stack of foamy beige head floating on top. The head dissipates slowly leaving a few splotches on the glass and a thin layer of beige bubbles. The aroma is salivating with big robust roasted caramel and dark malt notes, spicy Belgian esters and fruits blending among each other with warm and satisfying booze aromas. Reminds me alot of Belgian style Christmas beers which was the obvious inspiration for La Resolution. Sweet and sultry malts in the mid palate including toffee, nut and caramel malts on a heavily roasted backbone. An exquisite yeast and ester flavor profile that includes dark and dried fruits of prune, and raisins as well as earthen and woody notes. Overall, La Resolution has a good balance between fruit and yeast notes and the malts. The finish lacks bitterness but a minor roasted malt flavor but a good amount of heat and warmth from the steep 10% ABV would pair well with a fireside on a snowy night. Unibroue seems to know how to emulate Belgian classics with their unique house flavor and a bit of New World flair. Overall, another exemplary brew from Unibroue.

Grade: 90/100


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