De Molen Angst & Beven


One of Bodegraven, Netherlands most inventive craft beers is Angst & Beven aka Fear & Trembling. Before fully introducing the beer itself I should mention that lambic and Berliner weisse are not the only sour beers brewed in history. One of the styles to survive through beer folklore is the Gose a slightly sour and salty wheat beer. Angst & Beven is described as being a Gose-ish ale barrel aged with a whopping 12.2% ABV. My only previous experience with the gose beer style is a seasonal brew produced by Calgary’s Wild Rose craft brewery.

Pouring out a dark amberish gold with a steadily growing plume of off white head Angst & Beven looks like an amber ale by all appearances. The head settles slowly to a thin cap of a few bubbles showing both the high alcohol content and the barrel aging. The nose is crisp with toasted wheat malt as well as fruity with a light acetic fruity note and mild citrus punches. A mild mannered, malty mid section with a slight salty sourness approaching near the finish. A rich, earthy barrel presence overcomes the mild sour note and lingers into the aftertaste with a bit of boozy warmth. At no point does this seem like a 12.2% beer showing off more barrel and gose flavours.

Price: $8.99
Grade: 90/100


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