Coronado Hoppy Daze Belgian IPA

Since Coronado Brewing was recently added to many beer shelves in Alberta, the newly formed A-Z Imports has brought us six big and boisterous American beers. Hoppy Daze is the newest Coronado Beer to arrive in Alberta and is brewed in the burgeoning style of Belgian IPA. In essence, a Belgian IPA is a hop forward beer brewed with Belgian yeast instead of a normal ale yeast and is in most cases left unfiltered to give a cloudy hazy body.

Hoppy Daze pours a bright golden yellow with a tight pacing of tiny white bubbles in the head along with a solid stream of bubbles towards the surface. The nose has a mild lemon and banana fruit aroma with hints of wheat malt and herbal ester notes. The malts are mostly unimpressive and lack an overall presence amongst the noted resinous and citric hops. The hops have a heavy presence mid palate with tart lemon notes, mild honey and pine sweetness and a noted apple or pear flavoring. The finish has just a bit of boozy warmth together with noted peppery spice and a saison esque yeast flavor. There is a definite heavy hop finish with a moderate astringent bitterness. After half a bottle or so a lingering flavour in the back of mouth of a soft smelly cheese is apparent. Despite that one odd and a bit offputting drawback, this is a solid Belgian IPA.

Grade: 87/100        Price: $10.79 (22 oz)


  1. mikescraftbeer · April 6, 2013

    Sounds interesting for sure!

    • patrickthebeerguy · April 6, 2013

      The brie aftertaste was odd, but not horrifying. I also had Evil Twin Femme Fatale Brett IPA. Shot a video review for that…try to get that up asap.

      • mikescraftbeer · April 6, 2013

        I will have to look for that one here in BC. I love brett beer!

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