Brooklyn Blast Imperial IPA

During a quick stop at Beer Revolution, a local favorite for great draft beer in Calgary I enjoyed a pint of Brooklyn Blast. Blast is an Imperial IPA specially brewed by Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, NY. Brewed with a blend of American and English hops to provide bright citrus notes as well as contrasting mild floral and grassy flavors.

Pouring a bright gold with a noted orange hue and a small tight off white head. The body has a few spritzy bubbles cascading upwards to the head. A fresh and floral hops aroma including some heavy hop resin and mild citrus forward notes. The malts are rather unnoticed in the aroma but come through with a mild caramel and toasted sweetness on the first sip. Moderate floral and fruity hop flavors build in the mid palate with a finish of heavy bitterness and overly astringent hops. The aftertaste is mild but has a lingering sticky hop essence. Overall, a fairly normal Imperial IPA and nothing overly special but a nice way to satisfy my hop craving.

Grade: 89/100         Price: $6.99 (12 oz on tap)

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