Fort Garry Portage & Main

After a short break from beer blogging  due to midterms I thought I would give a special seasonal IPA from Winnipeg’s Fort Garry Brewing. The Portage and Main IPA is a 6.5% IPA fashioned as follows:

A west coast style IPA brewed with high quality barley, whole west coast and Manitoba flower hops! Brewed especially with whole hops to give it a solid 60 IBU and a strong, refreshing aroma of citrus fruits

A super foamy and sticky mess of a head with a rather dark amberish orange body and no carbonation in the body. The glass has a solid coating of resin and hop slime coating over the entire surface. A fresh and floral hop aroma bursts with citrus fruits, crystal and caramel malt notes as well as a noted pine resin. A rather potent hop forward aroma heavy wine pine and grapefruit aromas. The first sip is a bit sweet noting caramelized and honey malt notes afront mild citrus fruits. Medium bodied and sticky mouthfeel gives way to a bitter but not overburdening finish. The astringent hops stay well into the aftertaste as a mild reminder of the heavy floral and resinous pine flavours. Overall, a nicely hopped well rounded IPA with a bland hop flavour. This is an exceptional attempt by Fort Garry and a gigantic step forward for the brewery towards being a fantastic craft brewer.

Grade: 86/100     Price: $8.00

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