Lighthouse Uncharted Belgian IPA

DSC_0309During the age on cartography and adventure in the times of Columbus and Magellan uncharted areas of a map would be filled with an ominous sketch of a sea monster. As an ode to the rare Riwaka hops from New Zealand and the estery Belgian yeast, Lighthouse Brewing’s Uncharted is adorned with a terrifying sea monster daring those hopheads brave enough to try the unique brew. Brewed in Victoria, BC by the Lighthouse Brewing Co., Uncharted is a 7.5% ABV IPA that has finally made its way to the hop thirsty Alberta beer market.

Uncharted has a bright orange glow with a few popping bubbles and a light yet dense off white head that has a noticeable stickiness. A few sticky lacing blotches cling to the glass despite me pouring more into the tulip glass. The nose is potent and well hopped with big sticky tropical fruit aromas and a mild caramel malt mostly lost with the fresh estery yeast aromas. An odd aroma with lack of balance between the Riwaka hops and the yeast. A bit of a sweet middle with a lack of malt character and a overburdening Belgian yeast. Big floral, grassy and citrus fruit esters completely tilt the balance and leaves a wholly Belgian yeast finish lacking in resinous and bitter astringency like a great IPA. Regardless of the obvious problems with balance, Uncharted is one hell of a unique brew with a medley of incredible flavours.

Grade: 86/100




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