Uncommon Brewers’ Siamese Twin Ale

The Uncommon Brewers founded in 2002 stay true to their name by using extremely unusual and organic ingredients. Located in Santa Cruz, CA the Uncommon Brewer’s have a small but unique repertoire of flagship brews. Their mantra is “uncommon beer for uncommon people” and after looking at the ingredients I couldn’t agree more. The Siamese Twin ale is an 8.5% ABV Belgian Dubbel brewed with Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, coriander. Unlike most Belgian Dubbels Uncommon Brewer’s further distances themselves from the norm by using 500mL cans rather than bottles. On a past trip to Vancouver I managed to find Uncommon Brewers’ Baltic Porter which is brewed with licorice root and star anise. I was rather impressed by the unique pseudo-Baltic Porter and so the Siamese Twin Ale is similarly interesting to me.

Cracking the can and pouring into a trappist glass, mild carbonation helps form a thin but dense beige head atop a burgundian brown body. Holding the glass up to a light a beautiful ruby red tinge and a slow cascade of bubbles become apparent. The nose has a mild roasted character with an overall fruity aroma. But first and foremost a strong accented coriander and cracked pepper spice waft off the head. Delving deeper into the aroma I find earthen malts with a toffee and caramel sweetness atop the candied Belgian fruit notes. The aroma is in general a nice combination of malt, fruit and spice despite straying from the usual Belgian Dubbel style. My first sip has light caramel and toasted bread malts, toffee and molasses sweetness with a light candied raisin also become present. Beautiful mildly roasted malts and sweetness part to a prominent coriander spice note towards the finish with a bit of lingering on the finish. A hint of citrus fruit and hop bitterness dry out the palate towards the finish. Despite the 8.5% ABV this is remarkably sessionable by taste. Despite all the odd ingredients, this tastes like a Belgian Dubbel except for the intense coriander nbtes and a lighter than usual body. Overall this is a unique and  definitely uncommon beer.

Grade: 87/100

Price: $5.00


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