Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny

Evil Twin Brewery is a Danish brewery similar to the Gypsy brewer Mikkeller in that many of their beers are contract brewed by other breweries. Similar to Mikkeller it seems that Evil Twin has a tendency to brew extremely high alcohol beers. Ryan and the Beaster Bunny while having one of the most unique names is a Belgian Farmhouse or Saison by style. In general the style of Saison is a pale coloured slightly spiced and floral ale with a prominent peppery note. Ryan and the Beaster Bunny is 7% ABV and is brewed at Fanø Bryghus in Fanø, Denmark.

Ryan and the Beaster Bunny pours out an extremely effervescent foamy mess with a pale golden yellow body and a bright white head that foams up heavily in the glass. After finally settling, a few big lacing bands linger on the glass. The aroma has a strong Belgian estery yeast with floral hop notes as well as a mild spice blend. A bit of a strong aroma in general but definitely Saison-esque in style with big floral esters and a prominent spice note. The flavor has a crisp wheat malt with a few lemony citrus hops and floral notes fill the middle. A mild peppery spice note with light coriander accents and a lingering mild bitterness.  The finish is rather boisterous and has a lingering peppery spice and light alcohol presence. Overall, this is stylistically in lines with the taste and aroma profile of a Saison despite having a bit more of a hop presence.

Grade: 86/100

Price: $8.00


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