De Ranke Guldenberg

Bo Guldenberg 75Brouwerij De Ranke located in Dottignies, Belgium opened in 1994 when Nino Bacelle brewed Guldenberg, an Abbey Tripel named after the Guldenberg Abbey in Wevelgem. The Guldenberg Abbey had previously brewed Abbey style beers in the early 1900’s. Stylistically, Guldenberg is a Abbey Tripel with a rather heavy dose of hops so I suppose it falls under the pseduo category of Belgian Strong Ale. 

Guldenberg pours out a bright glowing orange with a thick foamy white head that streams endlessly from the bottle. Sparkly effervescence in the body with a fairly sediment heavy appearance. A fresh and floral hop heavy aroma with zesty citrus notes. Taking another long sniff I get bright fruity esters with notes of lemon peel and a hint of tartness with a pinch of black pepper. 

My first sip has a burst of floral esters with a ton of fruity flavours including lemon peel, honeydew and bit of green grape. A rather vinous and dry mid palate with a crackingly astringent finish. Mild toasted and wheat malts with a light estery base. For an Abbey Tripel, Guldenberg  is rather dry and astringent with a heavy hop finish. Overall, a very well balanced beer with some definite oomph throughout the taste. 

Grade: 90/100           Price: $12.99


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