Deschutes Jubelale


At long last the Deschutes Brewery out of Bend, Oregon has become available in Alberta. The fifth largest American craft brewery is known for its unique lineup of session beers as well as their rotating seasonal heavyweights.

The Jubelale is a 6.7% ABV English Strong Ale that has been brewed for the past 25 years with different artwork each year. In the winter of 1988 Jubelale was unveiled as the first seasonal beer ever from Deschutes Brewery.

Jubelale pours out a bright ruby tinted brown mahogany with a bountiful fluffy yellowish head. A steady stream of big bubbles rise to the head as it dies to a thin inch leaving a track of sticky off white lacing along the glass. The nose is heavily malted from the get go with big toffee and caramelized notes. Taking a deeper smell I find brown sugar, molasses, a hint of vanilla and a mild splash of citrus hops. Enticed by this gorgeous aroma I take my first sip with a ton of bready malts, biscuits, toffee and a hint of rye taking the middle. A hint of vanilla and light nutmeg spice with a warming toffee malt character towards the finish. A hint of citrus and resinous hops are mostly lost midst the heavy malt flavours. This isn’t an incredibly well balanced beer and reminds me plenty of the Scottish Wee Heavy style. Overall, a great full bodied and warming heavy beer for the holidays with a fantastic malty character.                                          

Grade: 86          Price: $3.50


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