Yukon Brewing Brewer’s A.D.D. Series – Cascadian


This newly released beer from Whitehorse’s Yukon Brewering Company in the 5th brew in the “tongue-in-cheek” named Brewers A.D.D. series. Since the series of seasonal offerings was launched last year, Yukon Brewing has offered a Birch Marzen, Spiced Winter Ale an Imperial IPA. The “Cascadian” is a Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) by style with an alcohol content of 6% ABV. The A.D.D. series sets itself apart from other breweries and adds a touch of class by storing the bottles in eye-catching cardboard tubes.

The Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale style is a relatively new beer style emerging from the Pacific Northwest. The style is characterized by the malt characters of a stout or porter with the hop content of an IPA or American Pale Ale. Recently there has been some argument over the proper name and origin of the style causing some disagreement in the beer community. 

Yukon’s “Cascadian” pours out a flat dark brown in the body with a fluffy and dense lightly beige coloured head. The head departs gradually leaving a few sticky bands of lacing on the glass. Delving into the aroma I am welcomed by a lovely roasted malt; sweet toffee and earthen malts, light chocolate and a hint of vanilla. The aroma has mild floral and citrus fruit hop notes which blend with the malts pleasantly. Taking my first sip, I find a touch of chocolate and roasted malts with a rather sweet mid-palate. The finish is of medium bitterness and does take some of the intense roasted notes away on the aftertaste leaving a mild roasted astringency. Not exactly a beer with many subtleties. Rather the Cascadian is pretty straightforward with medium roasted malts, a solid bitterness and a great balance. 

Grade: 80/100      Price: $3.99


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